Around the Horn (June 21)

Hermeneutics: Knowing and Living the Text

Coming to the Scriptures should not reflect a picture of coming to a self-service gas station, filling up our tanks, and driving away, while never interacting with others. No, David Briones argues that hermeneutics is inherently relational, and that, he believes, is the point.

Hope Flourishes Were Praise Rises 

The sound of praise in an East Asian village may seem mundane but, as Jason Duesing points out, it is anything but mundane. Those sounds are sounds of hope that once did not exists.

The Wrath of God and the Gospel 

The grace and love of God displayed in the gospel does not mean that his wrath is somehow sidestepped. God’s wrath is the outworking of our unrighteousness, and we have been unrighteous. This article by Fred Zaspel helps us answer how we wed God’s wrath and the gospel of good news.


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