Around the Horn (June 14)

Five Great Benefits from Preaching

There is great benefit to hearing the Word of God preached. Listening to preaching is much more than hearing a lecture or talk. There are benefits that derive uniquely from the preached Word. In this post, Tim Chillas summarizes five benefits that the Puritan Richard Rogers lists for preaching in his book Holy Helps for a Godly Life.

6 Ways to Avoid Delayed Adulthood

If you haven’t noticed the word adult (a noun) has been turned into adulting (a verb) in recent cultural parlance. It is used as a word to describe the actions and responsibilities common to the adult experience. Sadly, it is often used by those who desire to avoid those actions and responsibilities. That avoidance can result in stunted maturity. This article offers six ways people can take on the adult responsibilities to which they are called.

So You’re Not a Political Power-Broker. Here’s How You Can Still Shape Society

What if you have zero political power? How would you influence society? That is the position Alexander Solzhenitsyn found himself in, and, as Andrew Spencers shows, Solzhenitsyn came to a very clear conclusion of how to influence culture. For the Christian, it is not as dramatic as you think.
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