Around the Horn (May 17)

Who Exactly Am I Preaching To? 

In this article, Daniel Darling offers the reminder that preaching is contextualized to the congregation before you. He challenges preachers to avoid the mistake of crafting messages in view of hoped-for audiences and encourages preachers to love well their congregation.

The Secret to Finishing Well 

Church planters, and pastors in general, are faced with various temptations that can derail their ministry and cause them to forget the reason they minister. In this post, Adam Ramsey warns against some unbiblical desires that may cause loss of focus and ministry ineffectiveness.

What is the Place of Eleoquence in Christian Preaching? 

In light of the Apostle Paul’s testimony that he did not come preaching with “words of eloquent wisdom” preachers must wrestle with what role their imagination and creativity plays in preaching. In this article, John Piper makes a case for where these two ideas meet.



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