Around the Horn (April 26)

Should Christians Try to ‘Own’ the Other Side?

In this article, Dan Darling highlights the dangers of Christian attempting to shame those who hold contrary views. He argues that doing so is not for the sake of Christian witness. Rather, seeking to ‘own’ the other side is solely for peer approval.

His Suffering Sparked a Movement 

Here, John Piper uses the life of David Brainerd to show that God uses weak, discouraged, and downtrodden people for his glory. Brainerd is an example of God’s strength made powerful through our weakness.

God as Father: Seeing the same God in both Testaments

The Bible makes clear that God is the same “today, yesterday and tomorrow.” Yet, the way God Fathers his people is different at different times. In this article, Paul D. Miller makes clear that God’s fatherhood is evident throughout Scripture.

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