Around the Horn (April 12)

Is the World a More Dangerous Place for Kids than It Used to Be?

If one watches the news or spends time online it can seem that the world is a terrifying place. This perception can lead parents to be over-protective. Brett and Kate McKay offer a series of statistics that reveal the opposite of the common perception and explain why parents are quick to over-protect.

Preaching Your People Toward Mission

Faithful pastors long for their people to be on mission for God, and as pastors, they have a responsibility to lead their people by preaching in such a way that encourages mission. In this article, Jared C. Wilson offers five different preaching practices that encourage missions.

Why the Local Church Needs Good Biblical Theology

All of Scripture points to Christ. That being the case, the church needs a good biblical theology in order to see how Jesus is the Hero from Genesis to Revelation. This truth is not just informational, according to Nick Roark. It should spur on evangelistic zeal.


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