Around the Horn (March 29)

Church Planting Hinges on Easter

If Christ was not raised from the dead church planting makes no sense, according to Dayton Hartman. The resurrection is the message that God is victorious over the brokenness of this world. That is why people plant churches. If there was no cure for the brokenness, then church planters are to be most pitied.

Hard Truths for Modern Parents

In this article, Harriet Conner argues that in modern parenting there is a risk of getting all the tasks of parenting correct and missing the point. She calls parents to be the spiritual and moral educators of their children. This weighty task, she says, is dependent upon the gospel.

The Resurrection Comfort of Easter

The statement “He is risen” is a universal truth with very personal application. In this article, Aaron Garriott makes the case that the truth of Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation for our present and future comfort.

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