Around the Horn (March 22)

How the Biblical Story Speaks to Racial Diversity

The arc of the biblical narrative is an arc that is racially diverse. In this podcast, Tony Merida and Walter Strickland discuss how from the creation account to the scenes of heavenly worship in Revelation, God’s Word reveals the value and worth of each ethnicity.

On the Imminent Collapse of Evangelical Christianity

To paraphrase Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), the reports of the demise of evangelical Christianity have been greatly exaggerated. That is the argument in this article by Trevon Wax. He takes an honest look at the statistics and offers reasons why individuals still like to buy the false narrative.

How one mom’s ‘aha movement’ became a multiplying outreach ministry

Ashley Unzicker’s conviction to actively engage with people of different ethnicities and nationalities led her to start a ministry that reaches out to the nations in Durham, NC. It was a simple step that took hardly little planning. What might be your ‘aha moment?’


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