Around the Horn (March 15)

What is Evangelicalism? 

In recent days evangelical has been used in a number of ways in a multitude of contexts, which makes an attempt to understand the movement difficult. Returning to its historical roots and central doctrines, Bruce Hindmarsh attempts to paint a clear picture of evangelicalism.

IQ, EQ, and Talent are Overrated: Get Yourself Some Grit

Why does it sometimes seem that the most gifted or smartest flame out in their ministries and endeavors, while some individuals who appear to have average gifting or intelligence go on to succeed? Alvin Reid believes the reason is a four letter word: GRIT. Grit, he argues, is the necessary ingredient in your success.

Practicing Amazement 

What is amazement? How and why are we amazed? In this TableTalk post, Jeremy Pierre makes the case that God designed us to be a people who are amazed. Unfortunately, our amazement “detector” is broken due to sin, yet the gospel can aid in righting the brokenness.



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