Around the Horn (March 1)

How Would You Counsel Someone Interested in Assisted Suicide? 

As our society continues to move toward a culture of death, more and more states are legalizing physician-assisted suicide. Given this reality, pastors and churches will likely be faced with counseling individuals about this issue. Do you know how you would approach the topic? In this article, Matthew Arbo offers some helpful wisdom for pastors faced with this task.

Build Your Own Missionaries: The Critical Role of the Local Church

Missionary training doesn’t begin when missionaries show up to the sending agency for orientation. Missionary training begins in small groups, Sunday school classrooms, and nurseries of local churches. The church has the unique and vital task of investing in the discipleship of people that will bear fruit on the mission field. As Samantha Conners points out here, there is no substitute for the local church in preparing and supporting missionaries.

Preaching Points: Aim for the Ear!

Preaching is an oral communication. Why, then, would anyone approach preaching like a writer? This is the question Hershael York poses in this article. He argues that if preachers are only focused on words, they are missing vital aspects of human interaction.



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