Around the Horn (2/22)

Why Ever Christian Must be a Theologian 

Theology is not meant to be a pursuit relegated to halls of academia. Theological inquiry is part of the Christian life. In fact, as Jared Wilson points out, it drives worship.

The One Thing Billy Graham Would Want Us to Remember

This week Billy Graham died at the age of ninety-nine. It would be hard to overstate the influence that God allowed him to have during his life and ministry. Yet, Bruce Ashford reminds us that even will all the influence Billy had, he would want us to remember the most primary thing.

The Radicalness of Leadership Counsel in the New Testament

Much of what Jesus did and taught was countercultural. He was living out of the ethic of the Kingdom of Heaven. This ethic meant also that his leadership was new and countercultural. In this article, Glen Brooke argues that many of the leadership principles we take for granted today have their genesis in Jesus’ leadership.



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