Around the Horn (February 8)

Jesus Didn’t Call Us to be “Nice”

Many of us have been taught that Jesus wants us to be “nice.” In this article, Eric Hoke points out that nice is not listed as one of the fruits of the Spirit. In fact, he argues, niceness doesn’t necessarily mean godliness. Niceness could be no more than a  mask for people-pleasing.

The Forgotten Missional Theologian

Andrew Fuller’s clear defense of the Gospel in the late eighteenth century was a springboard for a Baptist missionary effort, according to Michael Haykin. Haykin argues that Fuller’s influence greatly shaped Baptist life and missions for decades. Fuller’s theology drove him to understand that the Gospel is for all people, at home and abroad.

Yes, God Cares about Football

In this article, David French makes the cases that how one answers the question, “Does God care about football?” goes to the heart of how one understands “God’s nature,  his character, and his relationship with man.” He believes it is not trivial to say that God cares about football. In fact, to say he doesn’t is to believe in a finite God. Does God care about football? One way to answer that is to ask, “Does God care about football players?”



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