Around the Horn (January 11)

They Were No Fools: The Martyrdom of Jim Elliot and Four Other Missionaries – Justin Taylor

This article recounts how Jim Elliot and four other missionaries gave up what they could not keep in order to gain what they could not lose. Sixty years ago these missionaries gave their lives taking the Gospel to a people who had never heard it. Let their boldness be an inspiration to us.

Why Theocracy is Terrible – Russell Moore

Often we in the West have a very distinct view of what theocracy looks like. In this article, Russell Moore explains that no matter who is running the theocracy, they are using it to abuse power and oppress people.

How to evaluate your life for “fillers” and “drainers” – David and Shona Murray

Life is full of “fillers” and “drainers” according to David and Shona Murray. Some activities energize and fill us. Some activities exhaust and drain us. Both types of activities are necessary. The key is understanding how to balance them. In this article, the Murrays offer practical advice for finding that balance.




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