Around the Horn (November 2)

How the Reformation Revolutionized Diaper Changing – Greg Forster

Can you change a diaper as a disciple of Jesus? Does changing that diaper render service to Christ? Greg Forster looks at how the Reformation reshaped our thinking and how our entire lives were meant to be service to Christ, not just the few hours we spend at church each week.

10 Lessons from Reformation in the SBC – Albert Mohler

The Southern Baptist Convention underwent a Reformation of it’s own not too long ago. Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Seminary recounts how the lessons learned in the Reformation and from the Conservative Resurgence continue to apply to us today.

The Reformation at 500 – Russell Moore

This is an older piece from this summer, but a good one nonetheless. In it, Dr. Moore reviews and reflects on two books about Luther and the Reformation. Don’t miss this one.



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