Around the Horn (October 26)

Luther’s Jewish Problem – Bernard N. Howard

As we approach the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, what are we do with Marin Luther’s antisemitic writings? Bernard Howard reviews Luther’s antisemitism and then offers three proposals for how this should affect Luther’s legacy.

Are the Five Solas Biblical? – Stephen J. Wellum

The Five Solas are the bedrock ideals of the Reformation. But are the biblical? Dr. Wellum helps us see in that the Solas were a return to the Gospel and helped purge some of the medieval distortions.

The Reformation Was a Missionary Movement – Michael Haykin

It’s easy to think about the Reformation as a recovery of core doctrines. But could the Reformation also have been a recovery of the Great Commission? Michael Haykin explores this thesis in a very help post over at the IMB.

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