Around the Horn (September 28)

How Coaching Football Made Me a Better Pastor – Bill Kynes

When Bill Kynes was asked to help coach his son’s high school football team, he initially wanted to say no. He was too busy. But he eventually agreed and after 12 years of coaching football, he realized it helped him become a better pastor.

The Truth Behind the Burnette Chapel Shooting – Aaron Earls

Last Sunday, a gunman opened fire at church, killing one and injuring several others. The gunman was stopped by the brave actions of a young deacon. Aaron Earls writes an excellent post on several underlying truths that can be gleaned from the horrific events of that day.

Redefining politics: The real center of political engagement – Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper worries that we have believed the myth that Washington D.C. is the center of our political engagement. In an helpful post, Cooper points us to the real center of our political engagement—the church of Jesus Christ and our call to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.

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