Around the Horn (September 14)

Entitlement Will Rob You of Rest – Chelsea Patterson Sobolik

Entitlement is an often unnamed sin in our churches. So what is it? How do we fight it? Chelsea Patterson Sobolik writes a helpful post on how we can recognize and fight entitlement in our hearts.

Mothering in a World of Better Moms – Stacy Reaoch

Comparisons are the stuff of worldly guilt. Stacy Reaoch writes an encouraging post for moms on how to avoid worldly “mommy guilt” and find true rest in Christ.

The rise of the fragile Christian: How ease is becoming a way of life – Daryl Crouch

While most western Christians would agree that the Christian life is one of self-sacrifice, Daryl Crouch wonders if they really have the resources to do what the Gospel demands of us. In the areas of culture, family and our time, Crouch diagnosis ways in which Christians have become too fragile.

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