Around the Horn (September 7)

Why I Signed the Nashville Statement – Rosaria Butterfield

There have been many criticisms leveled against signers of the recently released Nashville Statement. Rosaria Butterfield writes winsomely and powerfully on why she signed the Nashville Statement.

America’s Epidemic: How Opioid Addicts Find Help in the Church – Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

In a wide-ranging article Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra writes on how opioid addicts are finding help and hope in the church. She covers the challenges faced in ministering to those addicted to opioids and offers up counsel from those who are currently seeking to help those stuck in patterns of addiction.

How to Get Unbelievers to Come to Church – Dean Inserra

Does worship style really matter when it comes to getting unbelievers into church? Dean Inserra is skeptical of an attractional model and offers up an alternative model for churches to engage unbelievers and get them in the doors.

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