An Athletes Practice Pledge

For those who participate in athletics the vast majority of time is spent, not competing, but in practice preparing to compete. Christian coaches, athletes, and parents need to think intentionally about how to approach practice in a way that glorifies God and points us toward Christian discipleship. Too often, we talk about how to conduct ourselves on game/match day but we say little about how our faith should inform our approach to practice. Below I offer some simple suggestion on what to focus on as a coach, athlete, or parent of an athlete. Would love to hear your thoughts.

An Athletes Practice Pledge

I will work every practice to be 100% mentally, physically, and spiritually present.

I will move in drills at game speed unless instructed not to do so.

Moving between drills I will never walk unless I’m instructed to do so.

I want to be pushed to get better, not coddled, so I will show appreciation when I am.

I will be fully ready for every rep in every drill.

I will not act frustrated when I am corrected in practice for doing something poorly because I’m at practice to learn.

My body language will show an eagerness to be at practice.

I will give maximum effort & have a good attitude at practice, not only for my sake, but out of respect for my coaches and teammates.

I will thank God for another opportunity to prepare to compete.

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About the Author:

David E. Prince is pastor of preaching and vision at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky and assistant professor of Christian preaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of In the Arena and Church with Jesus as the Hero. He blogs at Prince on Preaching and frequently writes for The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, For the Church, the BGEA and Preaching Today