Around the Horn (May 11)

What our stay-at-home mom taught us about human dignity – Jill Waggoner & Allison Hucks

You won’t be able to Google Jill and Allison’s mom, but for them, she is the most influential person in their lives. Don’t miss this encouraging article on how moms who serve selflessly can influence their children to do likewise.

How are Children a Blessing? – Rebekah Hannah

We often hear that children are a blessing. But how are they a blessing? Rebekah Hannah writes a short but helpful post on how children bless their families.

Your Work at Home Is Not in┬áVain – Courtney Reissig

Is work done in the home in vain? It can often feel that way. But Courtney Reissig writes to help us see that our work at home is not in vain in light of the Gospel and encourages us to press on even when we feel defeated.

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