Around the Horn (March 16)

Jesus is a Straight Shooter – Jared Wilson

Jared Wilson writes a short, but powerful post on how Jesus will not be distracted by our surface concerns but rather focuses like a laser on the invasive surgery that His Gospel was meant to do. Don’t miss this encouraging post.

Should We Give Money to the Poor Even When There’s a Risk of Waste or Misuse? РRandy Alcorn

Should we give to the poor when we perceive there’s a risk they will waste it or misuse it? It’s a question that every Christian should wrestle with and Randy Alcorn provides a helpful guide for thinking through this question.

The Secret to Job Satisfaction – Marshall Segal

Do you have your dream job? Are you stuck in a job you hate? What if you could be satisfied with your job no matter how you feel about it? Marshall Segal writes a helpful post on how to be satisfied in our work no matter what kind of work we find ourselves in.

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