Around the Horn (February 16)

The Penalty of Pornography and the Power of the Gospel – Casey Hough

Is Romans 1 talking about more than just homosexuality? Casey Hough helpfully writes on the broader application of Romans 1 and also how the power of the Gospel can free people  trapped in pornography.

Why the 5 Solas Still Matter Today – Brandon Smith

We are 500 years removed from the Reformation. So do the 5 Solas still matter today? Brandon Smith goes through the 5 Solas and shows how they still matter to us today.

“Let’s get the girl.” – Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson draws from the “Hidden Figures” movie to talk about the state of women’s discipleship in the church. She helpfully points out that how a church disciples half her congregation says a lot about what they are trying to accomplish and then urges churches to refocus on the Great Commission. For only with the right focus will we accomplish the mission. “Ultimately, women’s discipleship is not about empowering women; it is about empowering the church to do the work God has called her to.”

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