Around the Horn (October 27)

Signposts: How Christians Should Handle Shame – Russell Moore

What do we do with our guilt? Listen to this short podcast from Dr. Russell Moore on how Christians should deal with their feelings of shame.

3 Reasons Why This Unathletic Mom Loves Sports – Judi Prince

Judi Prince (wife of David Prince) writes on the three reasons she loves sports even though she has never played any herself. Whether you are athletic and played at the highest levels, or like Judi, never played anything, you’ll appreciate the perspective she brings on the good things sports do for us and our kids.

The Sentimentality Trap – Benjamin Myers

Sentimentality is a trap to which many Christians fall into. Benjamin Myers explores the use of sentimentality in poetry and there is much for us to learn here. The post is long, but there is plenty of nuggets here if you put in the time. “Sentimentality offers us the dubious chance to feel while bypassing the messiness of any real human engagement: not too much feeling but too thin an experience.”

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