Around the Horn (October 13)

Race and the problem with apathy – Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell writes a powerful post about how apathy among those in the dominant culture serves as a barrier to understanding minority experiences. She not only points out a problem, but provides the solution. We should fight apathy because we love our neighbor. Love cures apathy. Don’t miss this!

Out of Bounds: The Incompatibility of Transgenderism and Sports –¬†Casey B. Hough

Casey Hough explores the fundamental realities that clash when transgenderism tries to enter to realm of sports. While sport is founded on objective realities, transgenderism is an emotive reality. Casey shows that ultimately, there are questions that the worldview that undergirds transgenderism cannot answer with any sort of consistency because it rejects a reality beyond personal expression. Helpful and clarifying post.

9 Books on Religious Liberty (and Its Enemies) – Bruce Ashford

Do you want to get a better understanding of religious liberty and what threats it faces? Bruce Ashford has a great list of resources that will more than adequately help you think about religious liberty more clearly.

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