Around the Horn (September 29)

News Anchor Pens Eloquent Response To Letter Suggesting She Return Adopted Black Son – LEX18

“I’m not a racist.” That was the assertion made by an anonymous letter a morning news anchor in Louisiana received suggesting she should return her adopted son because he was black and will likely grow up to be a rapist. Her response to this willfully-blind racist letter is one worth your time.

Old Hollywood’s Abortion Secret – Gina Dalfonzo

The golden age of Hollywood was tainted with a secret. Gina Dalfonzo exposes how many actresses were pressured or forced to get abortions to maintain an image and thus the profits of studio bosses.  Dalfonzo also helpfully points out how the underlying problems in Old Hollywood haven’t changed one bit.

The Gift of Going Second – Jason Cook

Going first is hard work no matter the situation. If we look at the life of Paul, he suffered much for being a Gospel pioneer. And yet he paved the way for others to come behind him. Jason Cook shares from his own life how he learned the gift of going second.

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