Around the Horn (September 22)

The Naked and the Nude – Karen Swallow Prior

Is there a difference between being naked and nude? In our porn saturated culture, we would do well to remember the difference and see how pornography harms us in more subtle ways than we have realized.

Find a Friend to Wound You – Greg Morse

What makes a true friend? Are they people who will always be nice to us and never confront us? According to the proverbs, we need friends who are willing to wound us. Greg Morse helpfully shows us why we need these kinds of friends.

Stop Acting Immutable – Jen Wilkin

Despite the evidence all around us, we humans cling to the myth that we are immutable—that somehow, we are God. Jen Wilkin tackles some areas that we are prone to cling to this myth and ways we can topple the idols we have set up.

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