Around the Horn (September 15)

Dad Enough to Sing – David Mathis

If you visit a typical church on Sunday mornings, you might not hear many men singing. This is a problem according to David Mathis. Read as he encourages men to sing, not just in church, but in the home as well.

Ten Tips for Leading Kids to Christ – Jason Keith Allen

One of the greatest Gospel opportunities that every Christian parent has is their kids. So how do we lead our kids to Christ? Jason Keith Allen provides ten short, but helpful tips on passing on the faith to the next generation.

Evangelicals Ignore G.O.P. by Embracing Syrian Refugees – Richard Faussett and Alan Blinder

The New York Times reports on how evangelicals, Southern Baptists specifically, are caring for Syrian refugees that have come to America to escape the awful civil war raging in their home country. This is one of many things that makes me proud to be a Southern Baptist.


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