Around the Horn (September 8)

On Empty Nests, Christian Mommy Guilt, and Misplaced Identity – Jen Wilkin

Jen Wilkin helpfully writes to moms on how they have often misapplied the much needed admonition to love Jesus more than their kids—to not make an idol out of motherhood. Often the admonition has been received as a competition between Jesus and your family. But what if you could love your family and Jesus at the same time?

4 Principles for Political Witness in our American Babylon – Bruce Ashford

What should our political witness look like when Christians are marginalized from the cultural and political seats of power? Bruce Ashford provides four helpful principles for ensuring our witness remains a Christian one.

How to Talk to Your Children About Election 2016 – Russell Moore

The 2016 election cycle has been unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. So how do we explain to our kids the things they are seeing in this election cycle? Dr. Russell Moore provides four ways parents can help their children during this crazy political season.

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