Around the Horn (August 18)

Our faith is historically verifiable — or it’s nothing – Kathy Keller

In this short, but extremely helpful post, Kathy Keller shows that Christianity has no fear of tough questions and doubts. She bases this in the historicity of Christianity and she shows why that changes everything for us.

The Most Common Factor In Declining Churches – Thom Rainer

No pastor wants to think that their church is in decline. However, understanding the warning signs of decline can be helpful in making the necessary changes. Thom Rainer shares some of the common factors and warning signs of decline.

Why Hospitality Beats Entertaining – Jen Wilkin

Pulling from a regrettable tweet, Jen Wilkin explores the difference between entertaining and hospitality. “Entertaining seeks to impress. Hospitality seeks to bless.” You will be blessed by this great post.


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