Around the Horn (July 7th)


Tolerant California will not tolerate Christian colleges

Brett McCracken writes a powerful post calling out the intolerance currently on display in California’s legislature as they seek to strip religious liberty protections from private colleges and universities.

How a Busy Mom Can Stay Consistent in the Word

My wife (Justin writing here) has her hands busy with our three year-old and two year-old (with another one on the way) and it can be hard to find consistent time to be in Word between refereeing the latest scuffle, taking them to the potty and making sure we all have clean clothes to wear. That’s why I’m thankful for this post from Courtney Reissig. She offers five helpful ways that busy moms can stay consistent in the Word.

3 ways churches can respond to the Whole Woman’s Health ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling striking down the regulations that Texas has enacted on abortion clinics struck a blow to the cause of life in America. How can churches respond? Bart Barber gives us three extremely practical ways that churches can advance the cause of life even in the aftermath of this devastating Supreme Court decision.

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