Around the Horn (June 30)


What the Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Means – Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore applies the gospel to the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion and helps us see that the self-deceptive desire to walk in darkness is something that lurks inside us all. He also challenges the church to continue to stand for justice.

Explainer: Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion case

The ERLC has put together an extremely helpful (and short) explainer of what the ruling the Supreme Court just handed down says, how the case got here and what the effect the law had prior to being struck down.

A Time For Choosing – Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher interacts with an address that Dr. Russell Moore recently gave at a religious freedom conference. In the address, Dr. Moore spoke on what the response of the church needs to be and the reason why fighting for religious liberty is so important: It’s not about us, it’s about future Christians.


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