Around the Horn (June 9)


Play Hard

“We are not meant to be “perpetually solemn,” according to C.S. Lewis. “We must play.”

This is something children understand instinctively. They don’t even have to be reminded to play. They just do. Part of growing up is realizing that there are times you shouldn’t be playing, of course, but part of growing up ought to be remembering that there are times we should!”

Fear Not

With cultural indicators sliding and the influence of the Church eroding in Washington, how can people of faith navigate society in a way that will build bridges toward the gospel without compromising biblical truth? NAMB president Kevin Ezell talks with Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission to discuss culture, politics, adoption and much more.

The mistakes of Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen is an Australian cleric of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and in this interview on the mistakes he’s made in ministry, there are some wonderful lessons on leadership.


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