Thursday Three: May 12


“Mean Tweets” Video Shows Us How Messed Up We Are

Eric Geiger give us three reasons why we tend towards callousness in our social media interactions. “If we would not say something in person to the person we are messaging, we should not hit “send” or “submit.” Even if we would say something in person, we should evaluate and be sure our words reflects who He is (the wise Creator who made both male and female in His image) and what He has done (given us a heart of flesh).”

The Master’s Voice

A stirring editorial from Anthony Esolen exhorting us to “let Jesus speak in his own voice, which is like no other.”

How to Develop a Christian Ethic

Dr. Russell Moore gives three helpful steps to developing a Christian ethic. “Ethics is not, after all, something that only academic types or pastors have to think about. Every Christian has a mandate to be able to articulate the truth of the gospel and to apply it in every season of life.”

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