John Broadus on the Resurrection and Courageous Hope

john broadus

The quote below is from an unpublished, handwritten manuscript by the great preaching professor and second President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, John Broadus (1827-1895).  The unfinished book was titled The Pauline System of Christian Doctrine and Ashland Publishing is involved in transcribing it and hopes to make available in the near future.

[John A. Broadus papers Box 19.28, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary]

His resurrection ensures to us a future participation in the exaltation & glory of Christ who rose again & rules with princely power and dignity, and renders our deliverance & redemption from the power of all enemies certain. Accordingly, the hope of believers rests upon the resurrection of Christ (1 Pet. 1:3): to them it is an argument for courageous perseverance, the source of courage & power, to crucify the old man & to walk in a new life & to gain the victory over every spiritual foe, since by his resurrection he has “spoiled principalities & powers,” ascended to heaven whence he sends the Spirit into their hearts. Eph. 2:5. Col. 2:12, 13. 3:1. This is what Paul calls the “the power of his resurrection”, Phil. 3:10.—the efficacy of his resurrection, which especially becomes manifest in the “the fellowship of his sufferings,”—the patient, steadfast, courageous endurance of sufferings & sacrifices for the sake of Christ. For this the followers of Christ must be prepared, as he himself says.

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