8 Things to Do When Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Dr. David Prince just finished his address at the ERLC Leadership Summit. His address was entitled “The Birds and the Bees: The Gospel and Your Children’s Sexuality.” During his address, Dr. Prince mentioned eight things that you should be doing when talking to your kids about sex. The eight points he shared during his address were:

  1. Understand sex education as a vital part of gospel education
  2. Teach your children that sex is what you are, not what you have
  3. Unapologetically champion marriage and children
  4. Unhesitatingly answer questions when asked
  5. Commit to read the Bible with your family
  6. Be the first person to teach your children about sexual intercourse
  7. Use direct language but don’t be crude or medical
  8. React to sexual sin with the Gospel

When we get the audio/video of the address, we will post it.

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