A Model of Contemporary Biblical Interpretation


In his book Christian Scripture, David S. Dockery in a chapter on the use and interpretation of Christian Scripture, provides the following helpful list of helpful guidelines for biblical interpretation.

David S. Dockery, Christian Scripture: An Evangelical Perspective in Inspiration, Authority, and Interpretation (Nashville: Broadman and Holman, 1995), 160-161.

A Model of Contemporary Biblical Interpretation

  1. Approach the text with right presuppositions which we have previously identified as biblical faith, accepting the Bible as fully truthful and authoritative.
  2. Recognize that the historical and literal meaning of the Bible is the primary meaning, but not the limit of meaning.
  3. Acknowledge the possibility of deeper meanings in the prophetic-apostolic witness.
  4. Affirm the human authorship of the text, as well as its divine origin.
  5. See the biblical text, rather than the author’s mind, as the place where meaning is concentrated.
  6. Understand that a text rests in it canonical context, thus Scripture serves as the best commentary on Scripture.
  7. Expect the enabling help in illumination from the Holy Spirit to assist in interpretation.
  8. Expect the Bible to speak to the reader’s contemporary concerns.
  9. Interpret the Bible in light of the centrality of Jesus Christ and for the good of the church.

Thus we read the Bible both christologically and ecclesiologically.

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