About Anca Martin

Anca Martin is the wife of Todd, mother or 4 children, born and made in Eastern Europe. She loves running, reading, writing, coffee, books, dancing, international students, trips, adoption, and decorating.

Moms, Homes, Pinterest, and the Daily Struggle To Love God’s Word

I read about King David’s desperation for the living words of God. A once smelly shepherd boy, David gets catapulted in the seat of being one of the most powerful men on earth, living the

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The Rest Of Titus and Why It Matters For Women

Too often, women's ministry get's shrunk down to three verses in Titus 2. Anca Martin writes on how women need more than just three verses from Titus 2. They need more.

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Sports & Motherhood: What Being A Benchwarmer Taught Me About Life

Anca Martin shares three things she learned from being a bench-warmer.

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Exiles in North American Suburbia

Anca Martin writes about how live with an exile mindset in the American suburbs.

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Women Redeemed: From Broken Pieces to Missionary Pots

I met a scandalous woman with a terrible past. The horrors of her horrendous choices keep her barely crawling between fear, masks, and shame. Abuse, adultery, abortion, cheating, lying, fornication. Under the Mary Kay makeup,

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Flags, Nations, Basketball Hoops, and a Gym

Anca Martin shares why she loves being apart of her church's Thanksgiving meal for international students and refugees.

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Missional Homes, Mothers, and A Changing America

Taking a cue from her grandparents who grew up under a Communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe, Anca Martin encourages moms (and dads) to make their homes hubs for gospel mission in the midst of an increasingly secular culture.

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