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This young Royals fan who grew up in Africa had a memorable first trip to the K

Baseball is the greatest game on the planet. Adoption is one of the greatest acts of generosity and selfless love. When you combine the two you get the experience that Micah Fries and his adopted son, Haddon, experienced on Haddon’s first trip to see his beloved Kansas City Royals play. It is a story of pure love and pure joy.

C.S. Lewis on Corporate Worship

People struggle with constant change. As a result, they can struggle when worship services are in a constant state of flux. C.S. Lewis believed there was great benefit to a consistency in worship for believers. While there should be room for creativity, that creativity should never come at the loss of the true purpose of the worship service.

Why Do So Many People Who Talk About Jesus Not Actually Read the Bible?

If you claim to follow and love Jesus and ignore the Bible, are you really following and loving Jesus? In this article, Shane Pruitt makes the case that anyone who talks about Jesus while ignoring the Bible is just shaping Jesus into whatever image suitsĀ them. He says they are worshipping a Play-Doh Jesus.


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