Around the Horn (July 22)

Scepters, Crowns, Thrones

Noting the difference between the kingdoms we see and the Kingdom we don’t see, Tim Challies writes, “But beyond and within this visible world, is an invisible one that runs on very different principles. Beyond the swaying and tottering kingdoms of men is the fixed and constant kingdom of God, and it turns everything on its head. For in this kingdom the way to the heights passes through the valleys, the way to riches passes through utter bankruptcy.”

Individualism Goes Deep

Clearly, we live is hyper-individualistic culture. It is what defines us and, in many ways, how we define the world. Sadly, that attitude has bleed into the church to dangerous effect. The truth of the matter is, “You can’t be a Christian without the church.”

Being Discerning and Being Critical are not the Same Thing

Being critical may masquerade as discernment, but when you rightly understand discernment we know that a critical spirit is not the same as be discerning. One you should seek, and one you should avoid.

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