Around the Horn (June 20)

Peril on Both Sides

Preaching in light of the overarching biblical narrative is good and right, yet, in this post, Tim Challies warns against emphasizing the overarching narrative to the detriment of the uniqueness of the individual text. He argues the preacher must find the right balance.

You Had One Job

As this post highlights, when the preacher stands in the pulpit to expound God’s word, he has one job. That one job is critical to the life and spiritual health of his hearers. So, getting that one job right is absolutely necessary.

Text-Driven Arrangement: Allowing Textual Structure to Inform Sermon Progression

If we truly believe the Bible is God’s word then it is the supreme authority over each aspect of preaching. In this post, Jeff Campbell notes that truth even applies to the sermon structure.


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