Around the Horn (July 18)

Should Jesus be the Point of Every Old Testament Sermon According to this post, there are two dangers in preaching the Old Testament in light of Jesus. The first is to force Jesus into every

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Around the Horn (July 11)

Preaching, Theology, and Writing with Thomas Schreiner In this podcast, respected author, theologian, and preacher, Tom Schreiner talks with Hershael York, Dean of the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, about preaching

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Around the Horn (July 4)

An Introduction to Puritan Preaching What made the Puritan ministers' preaching so effective and timeless? Was there some key ingredient to their preaching? This post shares some board categories that highlight the nature of Puritan

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Book Review: The Unsaved Christian

Inserra, Dean. The Unsaved Christian: Reaching Cultural Christians with the Gospel. Chicago: Moody, 2019. 203 pp.   Introduction On its face, the idea of cultural Christianity may seem like a positive. Why wouldn’t a culture

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