Around the Horn (August 23)

Center Your Sermon on Spurgeon's 3 R's  There are a number of methods for ensuring you present the Gospel fully when you preach and evangelize. According to Jeff Robinson, Spurgeon had a 3 R's method

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Around the Horn (August 16)

Getting "Unhitched" from the Old Testament? Andy Stanley Aims at Heresy Pastor Andy Stanely continues to show a pattern of dangerous thinking in his approach to Scripture. He continues to treat the Old Testament as less

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Around the Horn (August 9)

What the Bible Says About Leading Difficult People We've all said it, "That person is annoying." The problem with describing someone as annoying is that annoying is a not a character trait someone can have.

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The Gospel According to Ecclesiastes

The book of Ecclesiastes is about living with joy because of the grace of God. Many miss that fact because of how sober-minded and honest “the Preacher” (Ecc 1:1, Heb., qohelet) of Ecclesiastes is about

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Around the Horn (August 2)

The Character of Martin Lloyd-Jones' Preaching Ministry Martin Lloyd-Jones is a revered preacher. His ministry still has an impact today. Why? What made his preaching so notable? Why did his preaching stand out when the

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