Andrew Fuller Friday: Defending the Doctrine of Atonement

Andrew Fuller defends the doctrine of atonement.

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Declaring War Against Dinner Table Racism

Casey McCall responds to the events in Charlottesville, Va and how white Christians should respond to their black brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Andrew Fuller Friday: Worshipping Idols

Andrew Fuller reminds us what it means to worship an idol.

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Book Review: The Happiness Effect

Justin Camblin reviews Donna Freitas' book "The Happiness Effect."

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Andrew Fuller Friday: Defending Immediate Divine Agency

Andrew Fuller defends the doctrine of immediate divine agency.

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Book Review: Transgender

Dr. Adam York reviews Vaughn Roberts new book "Transgender."

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An Athletes Practice Pledge

For those who participate in athletics the vast majority of time is spent, not competing, but in practice preparing to compete. Christian coaches, athletes, and parents need to think intentionally about how to approach practice

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Andrew Fuller Friday: The Moral Law of God

“If the moral law require love to God with all the heart, and soul, and mind, and strength, and to our neighbour as ourselves, it cannot allow the least degree of alienation of the heart

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Book Review: God and the Transgender Debate

Jon Canler reviews Andrew Walker's newest book "God and the Transgender Debate"

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Hugh Freeze, the final chapter is still to come

Pastor David Prince reacts to the news of Ole Miss Football Coach Hugh Freeze's resignation.

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