Around the Horn (November 7)

Adoniram Judson's First Missionary Test In this post, Geoff Chang writes of Adoniram Judson, "What does someone need before being sent out by the church to serve in cross-cultural missions? Certainly, one should have a

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Love is the Antidote to Fear

This is the thought that crossed my mind in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up way too early and was having trouble falling back to sleep and this is where my thoughts

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Around the Horn (October 31)

Unlocking Truth: Interogating the Old Testament Canon  The post notes, "Christians can rest in the knowledge that they are using the same Bible used by their Lord Jesus. And this Jesus said that the Old

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Around the Horn (October 24)

For Jesus's Sake, Be Kind In this post, Trevin Wax discusses a proper understanding of kindness. In it, he argues that kindness is not mere niceness. It is something much better. Sobriety and the Gospel

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