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Is Football Too Violent for Christians?

Tony Reinke asks this question in response to a particularly brutal NFL game that occurred last week between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. After hearing several sports writers and commentators talk about the

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The Word (John 1:1-11)

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Andrew Fuller Friday: On Esteem Due Men

“Benevolence is a very distinct thing from complacency or esteem. These are founded on an approbation of character; the other is not. I am bound by the law of love to bear good-will to men,

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Around the Horn (December 7)

What Expository Preaching Is Not - H.B. Charles What is expository preaching? Often times, it's helpful to define something by talking about what it is not. H.B. Charles wrote a great post on what expository

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Andrew Fuller Friday: Defining Benevolence

“A great deal of what is called candour and benevolence among Socinians is nothing else but indifference to all religious principle. "If we could be so happy," says Dr. Priestley, "as to believe that there

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Around the Horn (November 30)

Don't Put Your Seniors Out to Pasture - Jared Wilson In our day, there is beginning to be a push for a more multicultural church. This is welcomed and needed. But Jared Wilson wants us

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The Accuser or the Advocate? Our Daily Battle

Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44) and the enemy of Christian freedom. The devil is pre-eminently the tempter and the accuser; his name “Satan” means “accuser.” He is called the “accuser of our

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Around the Horn (November 23)

3 reminders about politics in a disheartening age - Erik Stanley It would be easy to look at our political landscape, become disgusted by it and distance ourselves completely from it. But Erik Stanley gives us

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Andrew Fuller Friday: Resurrection and Adoption

The following excerpt is from Andrew Fuller’s sermon, “The Magnitude of the Heavenly Inheritance” (Romans 8:18–23): The terms by which the resurrection of believers is expressed, namely, “the adoption,” and “the redemption of our body,”

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Around the Horn (November 16)

Links on hope, Joni Eareckson Tada and Netflix

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